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Another Update!

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Another Update! Empty Another Update!



A quick update with the current maplist, and progress changes.

As of right now I have am working on two custom maps for the mod, however they are still a few months from completion.. so no pictures of them yet, however I have converted 5 maps from FH2 2.3 they are
Map - Size - Type
Battle of Brest - 64 - Assault
Ramelle - 64 - Assault
Port en Bessen - 16 - Survival
Lebisey - 16(Thanks to the guys at the FH2:SP forum for releasing a navmesh for this map)- Assault
Anctoville - 16 - Survival

Most of the maps have fairly minor changes and there are two basic types "assault" where once you take the enemy's final flag, they lose all of their tickets. and "Survival" in which you receive fewer tickets and have to try and avoid losing all of them.

As of the current build, humans are not meant to be playing as the zombies, in the future this may change, however as of right now it is meant to be VS bot zombies only.

A Video with the reworked sounds(Done by Lupin)

As it stands, I am considering releasing a version soon, as the few remaining items on my to-do list are going to take a while for me to finish on my own, if there are any maps you would like me to consider converting before releasing send me an PM here or on the FH2 forums

And the final item of today is that I have taken the ventrilo server down and have replaced it with a TS3 server, as it allows me to host more slots.
It can be connected to at

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